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Center of Math Store / Purchasing

The official Center of Math Store ( is the best place to purchase WCoM textbooks and resources. Safe and secure, we accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® debit/credit cards and PayPal®. Click here to login to your existing account or to create one. Select WCoM textbooks are available with WebAssign®.

Bookstores and resellers wishing to submit large-quantity purchase orders (10 or more) may contact WCoM Sales at for pricing and availability.

Print textbooks and all physical items ship from Massachusetts, USA within 3-5 business days via UPS®.
Digital textbooks are delivered by email (from to the address provided instantly.

Order receipt/confirmations are sent automatically to the email address provided at checkout. Please check your spam/junk folder if you feel you have not received your order confirmation. Your digital purchase is a .ZIP file-type download.

Digital Purchase Return Policy: When purchasing a digital product, customers are issued a unique link allowing two downloads of their purchase(s). Access downloads through your account (if applicable) or the link provided within the order confirmation email. The Center of Math is unable to refund a digital product once a download has been initiated. Before downloading, ensure you’ve purchased the correct digital textbook. After a download has been initiated, the purchase is final. For more information, visit the “Customer Service” section of the Store.

Questions? See FAQs below or contact WCoM Support at (include Order# if applicable).


Digital Textbook Support


WCoM digital textbooks are available for download immediately upon purchase. Your purchase will download as a .ZIP file-type and must be initiated through your account or the download link provided within the order confirmation email. Each purchase permits two downloads. While you may purchase and access WCoM digital books from anywhere, anytime, on any device, we recommend downloading your purchase on a personal/private laptop or desktop running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge. Once the download is complete you’ll be required to unzip/decompress the downloaded .ZIP file. Commonly, operating systems include an unzip/decompress utility/tool. See FAQs below for more on how to handle .ZIP file-type downloads. Once complete, a new folder will be created on your machine. Your digital book, among other digital files, will be found within the newly created folder.




Q: What is the Worldwide Center of Mathematics (WCoM) or Center of Math?
A: The Center of Math is a new kind of mathematics resource provider. The WCoM is more than a company — it's a community. Check out About Us to learn more about the company, its mission, people and processes.

Q: Beyond publishing academic textbooks, what else does the WCoM do?
A: Be sure to check out the Center of Math YouTube Channel for hundreds of hours of math videos. Additionally, explore the WCoM Research Lecture Seminar Series and refereed Journal of Singularities.

Q: Who’s using WCoM textbooks and other resources?
A: WCoM textbooks are used in both traditional and non-traditional high school, colleges, and universities across the United States and world.

Q: Why should I share the WCoM with my math friends?
A: Textbook prices have risen 700-800% in the past three decades. That’s unacceptable. The WCoM is focused solely on mathematics and produces only high-quality, low-cost resources.

Q: What makes WCoM textbooks high-quality, low-cost?
A: Intelligent, highly-motivated individuals with a unique desire to make mathematics more affordable and accessible for all.

Q: How can I connect with or follow the WCoM?
A: First, find @centerofmath on your favorite social site: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc… Follow our updates on the Center of Math Blog. Finally, sign-up for our bi-monthly newsletter.

Q: How do I purchase a WCoM digital/print textbook?
A: Simply visit to get started. You may be required to create an account. Watch support specialist, Michelle, make a purchase here.

Q: What is a .ZIP file?
A: A computer file whose contents of one or more files are compressed for storage or transmission, often carrying the extension .ZIP. Read more.

Q: What software/hardware do WCoM digital textbooks require?
A: WCoM digital textbooks are accessible on nearly every digital device (desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile). Any .PDF reader will work, but, we recommend Adobe Reader®.

Q: Can I return my purchase?
A: Print textbooks in good condition may be shipped to our location for a refund (shipping excluded). Digital textbooks (including duplicate orders) may not be refundable if a download has been initiated.

Q: Can I publish with the WCoM?
A: Yes. Let’s talk.

Q: May I present my research or work for the WCoM Research Lecture Seminar Series?
A: Yes. Let’s talk.

Q: Does the WCoM accept donations?
A: Yes. Every dollar donated to the Center of Math is invested in providing high-quality, low-cost mathematics resources for all.